New hair & dramatic makeup

Good evening! Here’s a blog on what I did today! I got my hair done by my girl Stephanie! I went a lighter brown because I’m real tired of my dark black/brown hair which is my natural. After we got done we went out to eat and shop. Later, I went home and curled my hair and did a very dramatic makeup look which I am very proud of! Enjoy guys! ❤️ Oh, and did you notice that I got to drive my boyfriends Jeep? Oh yeah!

My go to look

This is always my go to look. I’m not going to name any products. I’m hoping to at least start being more inspired with makeup again and at least post pictures of my makeup looks. For now, enjoy this look that I always wear, and I’ve probably posted about this look before. But ya girl was feeling her makeup today💁🏻‍♀️

Why haven’t I posted a lot of make up looks?

Good morning to all my lovely readers! I took this picture as I was on my way to work. Just thought I would show my makeup for the day! So I was thinking and thought, “man, I really don’t post many make up looks.”

I honestly, don’t wear a shit ton of makeup. At least not lately. It’s summer time and the last thing I want to do is my make up! It just melts off and I typically am outside. So I usually just throw my hair up and put a hat on and I’m good to go.

Sometimes though, I will do a full face of makeup. Like yesterday and today I wore this look. This is literally an everyday look for me. The orangey colors and brick red colors are my favorite! Also, a brick orangey-red color for my lips is always a plus!

Can we also talk about my hair? I did absolutely nothing to it. I hate styling my hair. I’m lazy and have no motivation to do it. I honestly, love the way it looks naturally, at least I have lately. I just really need some color, but I can wait for that.

I promise, once it cools down or if I feel the urge to do a full look I will post a blog on it. Hopefully, I’ll have that urge soon!

Thanks for reading guys! ❤️

Natural everyday makeup&hair

Hello, to all my lovely readers! Today was just a kind of laid back makeup and hair kind of day for me. (Brows aren’t all thick today)

For my hair, all I did was wash it and then put two French braids in my hair and just kept it in for a few hours. I used Garnier hairspray and some mousse to kind of hold the waves. I have naturally kind of wavy hair already, but the braids definitely helped give it more waves than usual. I let my hair air dry, and I have super thick hair, so my hair is usually pretty big 😅. Today though I actually liked it. Super simple, nothing fancy.

I wanted a settle highlight. I didn’t want it to be too flashy. I just dampened my beauty blender and used my ELF highlighter by heart ❤️. I used the color cream.

Alright, that’s my natural everyday look! Yet again, I won’t post all the makeup I used because it’s literally all the same makeup as always! I don’t switch it up very often to be honest. I typically buy a little at a time and once it’s gone I go and buy something different or even possibly the same item again.

Thank you for reading. ❤️