New hair & dramatic makeup

Good evening! Here’s a blog on what I did today! I got my hair done by my girl Stephanie! I went a lighter brown because I’m real tired of my dark black/brown hair which is my natural. After we got done we went out to eat and shop. Later, I went home and curled my hair and did a very dramatic makeup look which I am very proud of! Enjoy guys! ❤️ Oh, and did you notice that I got to drive my boyfriends Jeep? Oh yeah!

Why haven’t I posted a lot of make up looks?

Good morning to all my lovely readers! I took this picture as I was on my way to work. Just thought I would show my makeup for the day! So I was thinking and thought, “man, I really don’t post many make up looks.”

I honestly, don’t wear a shit ton of makeup. At least not lately. It’s summer time and the last thing I want to do is my make up! It just melts off and I typically am outside. So I usually just throw my hair up and put a hat on and I’m good to go.

Sometimes though, I will do a full face of makeup. Like yesterday and today I wore this look. This is literally an everyday look for me. The orangey colors and brick red colors are my favorite! Also, a brick orangey-red color for my lips is always a plus!

Can we also talk about my hair? I did absolutely nothing to it. I hate styling my hair. I’m lazy and have no motivation to do it. I honestly, love the way it looks naturally, at least I have lately. I just really need some color, but I can wait for that.

I promise, once it cools down or if I feel the urge to do a full look I will post a blog on it. Hopefully, I’ll have that urge soon!

Thanks for reading guys! ❤️

Quick&Easy work makeup

Hello! To all my lovely readers. It’s been a hot minute since I posted a makeup look. Since it’s the summer I haven’t really been wearing much makeup. Monday was my first day at the new job. So, I decided to do a quick makeup look! It’s nothing special, and honestly, it took maybe 15-20 minutes to do.

If you’ve read my other blogs than you know that I when I purchase makeup I tend to use the same products until I’m out. Once I’m out I’ll either repurchase or choose something different. I will still list everything down below for you guys.

I also changed up my brows a bit. Well, for once they weren’t ungodly thick 😅 (I just roll with the thick brows cause ya girl wears a hat anyways.) Anyways, I basically started making them have a faded look. Which I’m really digging. I just use some of my foundation on my beauty blender and dab it lightly on the inner part of my brow.

Products I use:

Hourglass stick foundation

Fit me powder

Stiletto eyeliner and mascara

Anastasia dip brow

NARS Laguna bronzer

(I used blush but I can’t remember the name of it and I’m laying in bed and being lazy)

Heart Defensor ELF highlight

MILK longwear gel eyeliner

NYX butter gloss

Thanks for reading! ❤️

Natural everyday makeup&hair

Hello, to all my lovely readers! Today was just a kind of laid back makeup and hair kind of day for me. (Brows aren’t all thick today)

For my hair, all I did was wash it and then put two French braids in my hair and just kept it in for a few hours. I used Garnier hairspray and some mousse to kind of hold the waves. I have naturally kind of wavy hair already, but the braids definitely helped give it more waves than usual. I let my hair air dry, and I have super thick hair, so my hair is usually pretty big 😅. Today though I actually liked it. Super simple, nothing fancy.

I wanted a settle highlight. I didn’t want it to be too flashy. I just dampened my beauty blender and used my ELF highlighter by heart ❤️. I used the color cream.

Alright, that’s my natural everyday look! Yet again, I won’t post all the makeup I used because it’s literally all the same makeup as always! I don’t switch it up very often to be honest. I typically buy a little at a time and once it’s gone I go and buy something different or even possibly the same item again.

Thank you for reading. ❤️

Pop of color

Holy brows 😅 I definitely had another off day with my brows, good thing I wore a hat!

Hello, to all my lovely readers! Today I just wanted to share this makeup look with you! As usual I use basically all the same face products, and I changed up my eyeshadow palette for today. Usually I’m very neutral and warm. Today though I thought I would use a purple color and a reddish pink color. This picture doesn’t do the look justice, so I’m going to post an older photo of me when I first made this look. I’ll also post the palette that I used and the colors for you. Enjoy!

Urban Decay-Backtalk palette

I really do love this palette! Sadly, I don’t use it very often. But I do go through phases where I’ll use it non stop. I will however say that the color pigment isn’t the greatest. I have to dip into the color quite a bit in order to get that brightness I want out of it.

I used the color attitude in my crease. I also used shade in my crease, and I just like to blend the two colors together. In the corner of my eye I used 180 to kind of deepen the look a bit. All over my lid I used bare.

For my blush I used low key. And I used party foul as my highlight.

Look at that blonde…kinda miss it. My brows are hella fierce in this if I must say. I wore this look a lot towards the end of summer. I absolutely love it. It was one of the first simple colorful looks I had ever done on myself. I may have to start wearing this look more often.

Thank you for reading.❤️

Delicate/Grunge make up look

Today I decided to do a kind of grunge makeup look for you guys. This is my typical like everyday makeup because it’s just one of my favorite looks to do. I basically use all the same products that I used in my Simple make up look blog. I did use 4 different products, I used the Tarlette Toasted palette and used the color Cozy, which is like a nice burnt red color, I used a blush by Steve Laurant in the color rose all day, instead of the fit me powder I used the Laura Mercier translucent powder, and for highlight I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette by Nicole Guerriero. Sadly these photos don’t do the look justice and I totally made my eyebrows wayyyyyy too thick but I’m just rolling with it. I hope you guys enjoy this look!

Thanks for reading! ❤️