New hair & dramatic makeup

Good evening! Here’s a blog on what I did today! I got my hair done by my girl Stephanie! I went a lighter brown because I’m real tired of my dark black/brown hair which is my natural. After we got done we went out to eat and shop. Later, I went home and curled my hair and did a very dramatic makeup look which I am very proud of! Enjoy guys! ❤️ Oh, and did you notice that I got to drive my boyfriends Jeep? Oh yeah!

Just peeking in…

Just peeking in to say hello! And Merry belated Christmas!

I will be posting a picture/video blog of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Oh, today I put my two weeks in at my current job, well… more like my one week.

January 6th, will be my start date if my new job. I’m ungodly nervous and excited to start it!

I know that this was the right decision for me and my son.

So keep a look out for a Christmas blog in the next day or so!

Thanks for reading/checking in! ❤️


You ever just stare?

Stare at the one you love and question, “why the hell does he love me?”

You stare and just admire all the little things he does.

The way he smiles, his deep laugh he lets out during funny parts of movies, or when you see him kind of glance over for the slightest second…

Your heart melts.

It pounds so fast because all you can do is admire him.

You think about your future together.

You think to yourself about how you can’t wait til he asks you to be his wife.

Or how much in a rush you are to have a kid already.

Because it all feels so right.

You feel all of this with just a simple look at him.

It’s perfect.

You ever just catch yourself staring and thinking how fucking lucky you are to have him in your life?

That he’s all yours, and you want him to be yours, always, and forever..

When you stare over at him and he’s doing his usual goofy dance,

And you can’t help but giggle at how silly he is.

When we’re doing our own thing together and I look and stare at you,

And there you are, playing your video game.

God, the excitement I get when I just fucking stare at you…

As I write this blog this instant.

Honestly, I’m not great at explaining my feelings, I’m so repetitive it’s insane. It’s like I try to explain how I feel, but every time it’s the same repetitive shit I always say. And there’s just no other way of saying how I feel out in some sort of different form. Like if I could legit say how much I love this man I would. Hell, I can’t even tell him how much because, well, every time I do try, I end up saying the same damn thing. It’s like, I can think it, but I can’t explain it. If that makes any sense.?

I’m very new to this whole, being “in love” thing. I never have been, and the moment I met him I knew he was the ONE for me. I don’t even know how to explain that. I just knew it, felt it.

I’m honestly not sure what else to say. Even when I have been drinking writing is still tough. Haha.

Thanks for reading guys. ❤️

German Day

Good morning! Here are some pictures and videos from German Day yesterday! Sorry I haven’t been writing. I still just have no honest clue what to write about. Hopefully, at some point I’ll get back into it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! ❤️

Vincent loves my sunglasses.
For some reason he loves the flash on my camera.
Midway laughing.
This is Dj our friends son, he was cold.
Ryan my love, and his son Blayde creeping.

Life Update

Ah man, where do I begin?

It feels like forever since I last blogged.

What have I been up to?

Just busy, with work, my son, and spending a bunch of time with my boyfriend.

Work is, well work.

I’m so unhappy at work.

It’s just a bunch of bullshit and I can’t stand the place.

Other than seeing my man there.

Which we’ll see each other maybe once or twice while at work.

My son, well he’s just getting bigger and bigger.

Very rebellious.

Talking a bunch.

It’s super tiring though.

I started today trying to potty train him again.

The first time I tried I honestly didn’t think he was ready.

It’s no bueno.

He hates it. Haha

But, other than the potty training I’ve just been spending all my time with him.

Giving him all my love and just trying to be the best mom I can be.

It’s hard to do everything with a job that doesn’t pay shit and paying soooooo many bills.

It’s a struggle, but I’m making it through and keeping my son happy.

The boyfriend?

Well, every other week when I don’t have Vincent, I’m spending my time with him and also one day out of that week I see his son.

We bullshit, drink, hangout, and just spend literally every waking moment with each other.

It’s pretty amazing.

Well, that’s an update as if what I’ve been up too. We may be possibly going to Oktoberfest on Saturday so if we do, I’ll be sure to take pictures and videos and post a blog of that.

Thanks for reading. ❤️


Good morning! I know, it’s been a few days…but here’s some pictures and videos from Friday night at the Semo fair. Enjoy! ❤️

I also think this is the very first time that I am actually showing Vinnies face in my blogs. I’m very particular, and don’t post a lot of pictures of him on social media. So enjoy seeing his face for the first time! 🙂