Practice makes perfect

Before Halloween my boyfriend had let me practice a bit on his arm. I haven’t made anything like this in a couple years. I was super excited while practicing in his arm! So enjoy the few photos of his arm being tore up. 🙂

50 things about me:

1. My middle name is Amber.

2. My nickname is Viki, (it’s also spelled like that).

3. My favorite soda is Coca Cola.

4. I love to skateboard.

5. I took two different English classes in one year when I was in high-school.

6. I love medium roast coffee.

7. I have five tattoos. (Planning to get more as well).

8. My ears use to be gauged.

9. I have a cat named Meowmeow.

10. My favorite cartoon is Regular show.

11. I love sushi.

12. I can do a few voices. Example: Yoshi, Mickey Mouse laugh, Stitch and more.

13. I’m pretty laid back.

14. Beer makes me sick, so I don’t drink it.

15. I went to Esthetics school, and dropped it due to a teacher.

16. I burp like a guy.

17. I bullshit wayyyyy too much for my own good.

18. I can be shy.

19. I use to draw a lot and paint.

20. Twizzlers and peanut m&ms are my favorite candy.

21. Favorite ice cream would have to be Ben&Jerrys milk and cookies or chunky monkey.

22. I love video games.

23. Legend of Zelda twilight princess is my favorite video game.

24. I sometimes have a short temper, but have learned to control it more.

25. I’m kind of a loner.

26. I can be a clean freak.

27. Black is my favorite color.

28. Sweet wine all the way.

29. Favorite actor would have to be Dylan O’Brian or Leonardo Decaprio.

30. Favorite genre of movies would be horror and comedy.

31. I can’t swim.

32. My favorite season is Autumn.

33. I cuss a lot.

34. I use to have both sides of my nose Pierced.

35. I’m terrified of spiders and heights.

36. I like to think I’m pretty descent at darts.

37. I have a 9 year old sister.

38. Most of my friends are guys.

39. I love anime.

40. I’m a hopeless romantic.

41. I snore in my sleep.

42. I typically don’t dream, I usually only have nightmares.

43. Peppermint mocha coffee is my favorite during the holiday seasons.

44. Sometimes I can be a little to blunt.

45. I love to cuddle.

46. Favorite actress is Mila Kunis.

47. Favorite Disney movie would have to be either Thumbelina or Treasure Planet.

48. I love Halloween.

49. I have a two year old son, his name is Vincent.

50. I’m 26 years old.

Thanks for reading. ❤️

It’s never too early for Halloween, right?

Good morning! I’m going to show you guys some pictures of Halloween prosthetics that I’ve done! All I used in these were fake blood, gel blood, tissue paper or cotton balls/pads, q-tips, make up, and latex. Enjoy!

This was a glam/horror kinda look. (Looking at these make me miss my gauges so much!)

My first attempt at making a Chelsea grin, definitely not the best, but I was still pretty proud of it. Hoping to recreate this, this Halloween.

This by far has been my most proudest. It was my second attempt at making this! I’ll more than likely recreate this again as well!

Alright, that is all guys! Hopefully this Halloween I can make more looks and recreate some! It’s never too early for Halloween, am I right?

Thanks for reading. ❤️