It’s never too early for Halloween, right?

Good morning! I’m going to show you guys some pictures of Halloween prosthetics that I’ve done! All I used in these were fake blood, gel blood, tissue paper or cotton balls/pads, q-tips, make up, and latex. Enjoy!

This was a glam/horror kinda look. (Looking at these make me miss my gauges so much!)

My first attempt at making a Chelsea grin, definitely not the best, but I was still pretty proud of it. Hoping to recreate this, this Halloween.

This by far has been my most proudest. It was my second attempt at making this! I’ll more than likely recreate this again as well!

Alright, that is all guys! Hopefully this Halloween I can make more looks and recreate some! It’s never too early for Halloween, am I right?

Thanks for reading. ❤️