German Day

Good morning! Here are some pictures and videos from German Day yesterday! Sorry I haven’t been writing. I still just have no honest clue what to write about. Hopefully, at some point I’ll get back into it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! ❤️

Vincent loves my sunglasses.
For some reason he loves the flash on my camera.
Midway laughing.
This is Dj our friends son, he was cold.
Ryan my love, and his son Blayde creeping.


Friday night shenanigans.
6-7 American honey whiskey & Coke. (Btw didn’t get drunk at all, I was the dd for my girl Nicole who is in the picture above^)
Drunk&feeling it.
Majestic Tim. ( Nicole’s best friend, he’s a cool dude.)
When you get forced to be in a picture. (My friend is in the middle, Nurixi), and the girl in the white pants is one of her friends.

Let’s try to write a happy blog…

Good evening! Hello, to all my lovely readers. So I decided to ask a friend what I should write about? To basically give me an idea on what I should write. Well, he told me instead of writing a depressing one, what about a happy one? Well…here I am..ready to write a happy blog. Let’s begin shall we?

Oh jeez, what is something that has made me happy lately? Well, Vincent’s dad bought a house in Jackson. That’s a plus. I really want Vincent to go to school in Jackson and finally!…he’ll be going there. I am super stoked!

Hrm…what else has made me happy? My son for sure. He always makes me happy. Seeing him makes me happy. Spending all my time with him makes me happy. I wish I saw him every week. Of course though, his dad and I do 50/50. So every other week for us it is. Seeing him grow makes me happy as well. He’s so smart for his age, and he’s starting to become independent…come on child you’re only two calm down!

Wine….wine makes me happy.

Honestly, lately, I’ve been pretty annoyed by friends and family. I don’t know what it is. It’s like, leave me the fuck alone. I want to be lonely and drink my wine. Watch my anime as well in peace. There’s only been ONE person that I have honestly loved talking too..maybe too much. (Vinnie does not count, I’m never annoyed by him, unless he’s being a butthead). So, uh yeah, it’s strange, but, pretty awesome…

That’s about all I got for right now, enjoy this short read guys!

Thanks for reading. ❤️

Enjoy this video of us at the farmers market. 😊

50 things about me:

1. My middle name is Amber.

2. My nickname is Viki, (it’s also spelled like that).

3. My favorite soda is Coca Cola.

4. I love to skateboard.

5. I took two different English classes in one year when I was in high-school.

6. I love medium roast coffee.

7. I have five tattoos. (Planning to get more as well).

8. My ears use to be gauged.

9. I have a cat named Meowmeow.

10. My favorite cartoon is Regular show.

11. I love sushi.

12. I can do a few voices. Example: Yoshi, Mickey Mouse laugh, Stitch and more.

13. I’m pretty laid back.

14. Beer makes me sick, so I don’t drink it.

15. I went to Esthetics school, and dropped it due to a teacher.

16. I burp like a guy.

17. I bullshit wayyyyy too much for my own good.

18. I can be shy.

19. I use to draw a lot and paint.

20. Twizzlers and peanut m&ms are my favorite candy.

21. Favorite ice cream would have to be Ben&Jerrys milk and cookies or chunky monkey.

22. I love video games.

23. Legend of Zelda twilight princess is my favorite video game.

24. I sometimes have a short temper, but have learned to control it more.

25. I’m kind of a loner.

26. I can be a clean freak.

27. Black is my favorite color.

28. Sweet wine all the way.

29. Favorite actor would have to be Dylan O’Brian or Leonardo Decaprio.

30. Favorite genre of movies would be horror and comedy.

31. I can’t swim.

32. My favorite season is Autumn.

33. I cuss a lot.

34. I use to have both sides of my nose Pierced.

35. I’m terrified of spiders and heights.

36. I like to think I’m pretty descent at darts.

37. I have a 9 year old sister.

38. Most of my friends are guys.

39. I love anime.

40. I’m a hopeless romantic.

41. I snore in my sleep.

42. I typically don’t dream, I usually only have nightmares.

43. Peppermint mocha coffee is my favorite during the holiday seasons.

44. Sometimes I can be a little to blunt.

45. I love to cuddle.

46. Favorite actress is Mila Kunis.

47. Favorite Disney movie would have to be either Thumbelina or Treasure Planet.

48. I love Halloween.

49. I have a two year old son, his name is Vincent.

50. I’m 26 years old.

Thanks for reading. ❤️

What has Vincent been up to?

Good morning! Vinnie and I just woke up, so I’m currently drinking coffee and he’s eating a fruit bar of some sort. I thought I would write a blog on what Vinnie has been up to this weekend! I feel like we’ve had a pretty busy weekend and kind of lazy as well. Enjoy this blog guys!

Friday I got Vinnie back from his dad. I actually got him back earlier than usual, which was great because I missed him like crazy! So we ended up going to the park. His aunt glasses joined us as well. We were at the park for about an hour and left. It was pretty hot that day. I took aunt glasses back to our dads job and headed home. The rest of the day we stayed inside. Watch movies and ate food. He also threw a drama fit so I didn’t allow him to go back outside.

Saturday he woke me up real early. So of course I made my coffee and his breakfast. We start out our days with cartoons. A few hours later we went outside. Running around for about 2 hours I must say. He surprisingly wanted to go back in. A little while later it was nap time. I found him passed out on the floor! Once he was awake it was dinner time and right after we went back outside. He made me do multiples Ollie’s and tried it out himself as well!

Sunday we woke up late! We didn’t wake up until after 9. I was totally shocked! We watched some learning cartoons and then it was time to get ready for a bbq. We went out to one of my buddies parents house. First time meeting some of his family! Vinnie was a bit shy, but not as bad as he usually is, which shocked me! He played in the pool, got to play with doggies, eat lots of food, and got to take a ride in a side by side. During that ride he also fell asleep! It was around 7 when he fell asleep! So I got to have some fun as well. Had a drink, and well jumped in the pool with my clothes on 😅. My buddy did as well because neither one of us had a bathing suit/trunks. It was super fun. Vinnie ended up sleeping the entire night! He was tuckered out.

Vinnie had a lot of fun and for him to not be as shy as usually is made me so happy! I hope his shyness breaks and he’s able to be comfortable with people. I also hope he takes on skateboarding! Like, how cool would it be for me and him to skate together? It’d be badass. He likes hopping on the board, so it’s a start :).

Thanks for reading. ❤️