What has Vincent been up to?

Good morning! Vinnie and I just woke up, so I’m currently drinking coffee and he’s eating a fruit bar of some sort. I thought I would write a blog on what Vinnie has been up to this weekend! I feel like we’ve had a pretty busy weekend and kind of lazy as well. Enjoy this blog guys!

Friday I got Vinnie back from his dad. I actually got him back earlier than usual, which was great because I missed him like crazy! So we ended up going to the park. His aunt glasses joined us as well. We were at the park for about an hour and left. It was pretty hot that day. I took aunt glasses back to our dads job and headed home. The rest of the day we stayed inside. Watch movies and ate food. He also threw a drama fit so I didn’t allow him to go back outside.

Saturday he woke me up real early. So of course I made my coffee and his breakfast. We start out our days with cartoons. A few hours later we went outside. Running around for about 2 hours I must say. He surprisingly wanted to go back in. A little while later it was nap time. I found him passed out on the floor! Once he was awake it was dinner time and right after we went back outside. He made me do multiples Ollie’s and tried it out himself as well!

Sunday we woke up late! We didn’t wake up until after 9. I was totally shocked! We watched some learning cartoons and then it was time to get ready for a bbq. We went out to one of my buddies parents house. First time meeting some of his family! Vinnie was a bit shy, but not as bad as he usually is, which shocked me! He played in the pool, got to play with doggies, eat lots of food, and got to take a ride in a side by side. During that ride he also fell asleep! It was around 7 when he fell asleep! So I got to have some fun as well. Had a drink, and well jumped in the pool with my clothes on 😅. My buddy did as well because neither one of us had a bathing suit/trunks. It was super fun. Vinnie ended up sleeping the entire night! He was tuckered out.

Vinnie had a lot of fun and for him to not be as shy as usually is made me so happy! I hope his shyness breaks and he’s able to be comfortable with people. I also hope he takes on skateboarding! Like, how cool would it be for me and him to skate together? It’d be badass. He likes hopping on the board, so it’s a start :).

Thanks for reading. ❤️

Do you ever find yourself..

Thinking? Thinking about just anything and everything? Wondering what things would be like if you had done something different? Or would’ve taken that next step? What about moving? Moving far away and getting away from everything and everyone? Questioning all the what if’s, and what could I have done differently?

Shutting down? Shutting down from people and your family? Crying almost every night with absolutely no one to talk too. Whether it’s a relationship or just personal issues? Shutting down from starting a new relationship because you know you’re not ready, and the thought of being dumped because of having a kid is embedded into your head now.

Feeling alone? When all you need is someone to talk too. Yet, when you do talk even just a little bit it doesn’t seem to help. So you still feel like you’re alone or you’re not getting the advice you need or maybe just possibly want to hear.

Moving forward? Trying your hardest to move forward but you’re stuck. You’re stuck with just certain things, things that still need time. People question it, push and rush you. They don’t understand why you can’t just move forward so fast or even too fast. So you just stop and take your time. You’ve reached a point where you have slowly, but surely moved forward.

Stuck? Stuck in this unlucky situation. You keep your head up and try to stay positive. One thing after another happens and you just finally take in all that negativity. You let it take over you, to the point that you find yourself in this mood, a mood that you can’t get yourself out of. You carry a false smile just so people won’t question you. When in all reality you know that you feel stuck.

Questioning love? Questioning if you’ll ever find love. True love? Does it even exist anymore? Or is it just in fairytales? You have all the love for your son/daughter and family, but you can’t seem to find someone who truly loves you. You don’t have that connection with someone special. You want to feel that love with someone, something different than loving family. Yet, you question if you’ll ever be able to open up to love again.

Thanks for reading.❤️

Coffee thoughts/chitchat ☕️

Good morning! Right above you will see a picture of my second cup of coffee and the coffee I generally drink. I love Peet’s, my roomie bought the dark roast in the k cups, which dark isn’t my favorite, but hell, I’ll drink it. I love medium roast. I always buy medium roast and nothing else. I just prefer it to be honest. If I’m not drinking Peet’s, I’m drinking Seattle’s best. I only use creamer in my coffee as well. It’s either hazelnut or French vanilla. And I guess you would say I like my coffee a medium brown color? I have to have some flavor, but still have that coffee taste ya know? I do prefer a coffee pot or I love using a French press! But all I have atm would be my Hamilton beach k cup maker. It’ll do, for now…alright let’s get on with my thoughts this morning.

Ugh, I slept in again.

Jesus Christ, I have a lot of messages.

Man, I don’t want to talk to anyone.


Better get up.

Damn, I have some errands to do today.

Better take out the trash.

Should probably do the dishes before I leave as well.

I need a second cup.

Ahhh, much better.

Why can’t I open up to anyone?

This shut down feeling really has the best of me.

I’m not ready, I’m just not ready.

My cat just pushed something off in the kitchen…really! Really meowmeow?!?

Rude cat..still love her though.

I really overthink, and sometimes I don’t even realize it.

Damn, I gotta get ready…

Thanks for reading.❤️

Current favorite bands

Hello! Today I’m just showing you some of my current favorite bands! I’ve been jamming out to these for a bit now. Can’t enough of them. Now the firs band Royal Blood I just found, and let me tell you I can’t get enough of them. Enjoy!

A few other songs I’m digging are:

Little Monster

Come on over

Blood hands

Careless &

Better Strangers

❤️ this band so fucking much! Songs I like by them are:



Little one


& to be honest the list can go on and on. If you haven’t heard this band pleas go check them out!

Hella good band and I’m pissed I’m missing their show in stl on the 20th, but some songs are:

Stuck in your head


Let me be sad

Good lord, this band is just talented, his voice is amazing and the fact they do something different all the time is just fucking awesome, songs I like by them are:

My soul by far my favorite!


A song for Milly Michaelson

Black honey

Thanks for reading, and if you don’t know these bands go check them out! ❤️

Do I want to pursue being a Dental Assistant?

Hello, to all my lovely readers. Today I just wanted to talk about if I want to pursue being a dental assistant. I took the dental Assistant course and of course I graduated back in April. It’s a very short program, and you learn so much in so little time. You also get a little bit of hands on action as well. Not too much though. Mostly, you’re just in a class reading the textbook and taking tests.

My question to myself now though is, “do I really want to pursue being a dental assistant?” It’s like I do, but I don’t at this point. Does that make sense? Around where I live there is always opportunities for dental assistant. The thing though is that most places want someone who is already experienced!

Experience? Like seriously? I can’t be experienced without actually working in a dental office. I do understand the whole,”we want experienced people only.” I almost feel like though that I wasted my time and money on the course. I even interviews with a dental office and the guy says,”we usually want people with experience, not that I won’t take someone new.” It’s like why did you even interview me?

They tell you don’t give up, you’ll find a place to work at eventually. Which it does take time. It’s aggravating that most places only want experienced though. So at this point do I keep trying or try and pursue something new?

I’ve spent my time thinking about what to do. I have decided to keep trying, I mean hell I went to school for it, might as well keep trying. While I try though, I’ll keep working other jobs and I’ve decided to keep up with my blog! For about a year I did not post, things were hard and I was obviously distracted by my relationship.

As of now, I’m focused on making this blog bigger and better. As well as search for a dental assistant job. Let’s see how this goes. It’s been tough, but there has been positives. Whether I do find a dental job or I end up pursuing something else at least I tried.

I hope you guys continue to like my blogs and follow! It truly means a lot to me, my blog has grown within almost two months. I couldn’t be happier about it. Seriously 😊

Thanks for reading.❤️

Cloudy day thoughts

Ugh, I need coffee.

Man, I can’t believe the luck I’ve been having lately.

There’s been ups and there’s been downs.

This coffee hits just the spot.

Let’s watch some YouTube to start my day.

Oh, shit, I skipped a video, better watch that.

I’ll do the dishes later, gotta get ready fast.

Busy day today.

Try to stay positive.

Ugh, I’m tired already.

Running errands all day kind of blows.

What do I think of all that is happening right now?

I guess it’s a good thing he ended it with me…

I have way too much going on anyway.

What happened to, “I’m not going to leave you because you’re dealing with personal things, huh?”


How can I trust a friend, with the betrayal that I feel?

Maybe it’s time to just shut down from people for awhile.

I’ve never relied on a friend, until I needed it the most…

Smack to the face.

More salty.

I have to keep my head up.

It’s what I have to do.

I will not give up.

Thanks for reading. 💙

Natural everyday makeup&hair

Hello, to all my lovely readers! Today was just a kind of laid back makeup and hair kind of day for me. (Brows aren’t all thick today)

For my hair, all I did was wash it and then put two French braids in my hair and just kept it in for a few hours. I used Garnier hairspray and some mousse to kind of hold the waves. I have naturally kind of wavy hair already, but the braids definitely helped give it more waves than usual. I let my hair air dry, and I have super thick hair, so my hair is usually pretty big 😅. Today though I actually liked it. Super simple, nothing fancy.

I wanted a settle highlight. I didn’t want it to be too flashy. I just dampened my beauty blender and used my ELF highlighter by heart ❤️. I used the color cream.

Alright, that’s my natural everyday look! Yet again, I won’t post all the makeup I used because it’s literally all the same makeup as always! I don’t switch it up very often to be honest. I typically buy a little at a time and once it’s gone I go and buy something different or even possibly the same item again.

Thank you for reading. ❤️