New hair & dramatic makeup

Good evening! Here’s a blog on what I did today! I got my hair done by my girl Stephanie! I went a lighter brown because I’m real tired of my dark black/brown hair which is my natural. After we got done we went out to eat and shop. Later, I went home and curled my hair and did a very dramatic makeup look which I am very proud of! Enjoy guys! ❤️ Oh, and did you notice that I got to drive my boyfriends Jeep? Oh yeah!



I get into my head real bad.

My mood completely changes.

I, as a person change.

I say who I truly am, but,

when I overthink and stress,

I’m not who I say I am.

No one seems to really understand that.

I can’t help it.

Even when I try to fight it, it only seems to make it worse.

I shut down.

I build walls all around me to try and block everyone out.

It’s hard though.

When someone is around, and you have to try to pretend like you’re okay, when in all honesty, you’re stressed, overthinking, and just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I try so hard to hide it and keep to myself.

But, damn..when I do it, I end up flipping or getting emotional.

I let everything build up and or get to me that it changes me.

I’m not me.

This is unfinished. I’ve been so tired and busy lately that I just haven’t had the time to focus on writing. Soon though I’ll get back at it. ❤️

Let’s catch up real quick

Hey guys! I am so sorry I’ve been kind of quiet for a bit. I started my new job, and I’ve been real tired from that. During the weekend I had some girl time, got my hair trimmed, ate some yummy food from Maryjanes! But, there were a lot of negatives during the weekend as well, and it’s personal so I don’t want to get into that. Everything is fine now though!

I also tried to write a blog yesterday, and I just couldn’t. I wasn’t sure if I liked it and it’s unfinished. On another note, I felt like shit, my head was pounding as well. Currently, it’s still pounding.

So enjoy the picture at the top from the weekend and I did a real pretty pinkish/red look. Kind of hard to tell, at some point I’ll recreate the look and get a better picture.

Also, enjoy seeing me in a hair net and scrubs.

So far I kind of like my job. It’s a lot to learn. Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it.

Thanks for checking in guys! ❤️

Merry Christmas

Vincent getting into his presents.
Opening presents at gmas
He’s obsessed with toy story
He is one happy Vinnie. ❤️
Over at the boyfriends house, well it’s our friend Sarah’s, but he currently lives there.
Just chillin’
Ella my little sister
The boyfriend ❤️
My dad is rude.
Aunt Rhonda


Just peeking in…

Just peeking in to say hello! And Merry belated Christmas!

I will be posting a picture/video blog of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Oh, today I put my two weeks in at my current job, well… more like my one week.

January 6th, will be my start date if my new job. I’m ungodly nervous and excited to start it!

I know that this was the right decision for me and my son.

So keep a look out for a Christmas blog in the next day or so!

Thanks for reading/checking in! ❤️