It’s not butterflies

Something, that isn’t butterflies for once?

Have you ever just felt something?

But, what about a whole entirely new feeling?

Something that you know that you have never, ever felt in your life?

It’s something that feels right,

Like, it was meant to be.

Almost like you have found your other half.

Is that crazy sounding?

You’re heart beats real fast,

Giddy and nervous the moment you get even just a minute alone,

Because well, we’re at work, and it’s not allowed.


All we need is that minute.

That minute to get that quick hug.

That minute to get a quick kiss.

And than, we part.

We go along with our day,

We message each other throughout the day while working,

Even though he’s right around the corner from my desk, working back in the warehouse part.

He’ll sneak past me, and we’ll both glance right quick before we go back to working.

The end of his shift, I’ll be on my last break, we talk, and we hug, we kiss, and off he goes.

I work a couple more hours, and when I’m off, I automatically message him. Even though I’ve been messaging him the entire time.

For the first time this week, we were able to hang out, outside of work.

So many feelings,

It’s fucking perfect.

We hung out a second time this week.

Feelings going out of control to where you know you’re going to slip up and say those words.

Those words that honestly scare you, but you feel it.

There’s no fucking doubt about it,

This is how I feel.

He grabs my face and says, “I’m so fucking in love with you.”

I am too,

I love you.

Thanks for reading.❤️

Published by

Victoria Bruce

Hello, I’m Viki! What you’ll find to read on my blog is kind of scattered 😅. I write about being a mother, things about my son, makeup, to drunken thoughts, and just everyday life. I hope you enjoy my random ass blogs and get a kick out of some of them as well! ❤️

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