Thoughts on a drunken walk alone

Do you ever feel lonely?

Walking by yourself and you’re fucking drunk to be quite honest

You’re shit faced,

Walking by yourself in the dark,

And you have absolutely nobody..

Do you ever feel that the guy you still love, I don’t know,

Maybe he’s completely over you already?

Or maybe it’s just the alcohol?

Do you ever feel like you’re fucking alone?

Yeah, I mean, I got my son, he’s all I need.

But..shit, shits been hard,

You stay to yourself.

I still love you, but does he still love me?..

Fucking shit faced and you don’t remember a god damn thing you said tonight.

What the fuck, who do I call?

4:30 in the mother fucking morning and I’m sitting in my car

I think, ” why not making a fucking blog?”

Life’s not fucking perfect, life’s hard, but it will get better…

I can’t lie, I got fucking trashed last night, I repeatedly called one of my friends and I pissed him off. I have no clue what I said or if from repeatedly calling just pissed him off. I mean come on I was trashed..I’ve dealt with friends like that and yeah it sucks. I have no memory of what I even said, other than asking for a fucking ride maybe? Other than that, I’m lost. I called my ex as well repeatedly, and my roommate. They both understood. Thank god. Life is messy. Sometimes we humans get messy too. But don’t beat yourself up, you’re only human. For the record I NEVER get trashed. Last night though, I just let loose. For my ex we did see each other for the first time in almost two months since the breakup. We talked, laughed, and smiled. But in my heart I know this is the best for us. For my roommate, she made me bacon.

Thanks for reading.❤️

Published by

Victoria Bruce

Hello, I’m Viki! What you’ll find to read on my blog is kind of scattered 😅. I write about being a mother, things about my son, makeup, to drunken thoughts, and just everyday life. I hope you enjoy my random ass blogs and get a kick out of some of them as well! ❤️

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